Navigating the past couple of years has been such a wild ride - we've been asked to distance ourselves from others, step outside of our 'normal' lives and create a 'new' normal, and on top of it all we've been facing so much uncertainty on nearly every level.

...Do you know what that does to your physical body?

Your energy?

Your emotions?

Your spirit?

Truthfully, so many have been feeling this on such a deep level. If this is you, it might also be feeling like you don't know which direction to turn to even begin to process it all, let alone step forward...and that's OK.

...You're not the same person you were a year ago, or two years ago, so the things you once did, probably won't work the same way.

You might be craving the feelings that happen after shifting this energy - a reignited purpose with direction, a body that feels free of aches and pains, and light force energy flowing through you with the ability to start to heal yourself!

If this is you, know that you are NOT alone in this, and that you do hold purpose. You hold the ability to heal and that the world needs light now more than ever!

It's time you stop ignoring those intuitive nudges and start embracing the healer within by learning healing modalities that work for YOU and your lifestyle! Things like Reiki, grounding, and intuitive movement have taken me (and my business) to new heights, and I want you to feel the magic within!


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About me 


I'm here to help you tune in and tune up

To not only love yourself, but to believe in your abilities to create all that you wish to.

To take all those amazing ideas swimming around in your journal (and your head) and bring them out into the universe.

To delve deeper into your soul and what it's calling you to do.

To get to the root causes of that fear that is holding you back, and show you that you CAN do it.

My coaching combines my unique trainings in psychology along with my natural healing abilities and spiritual gifts. Being an intuitive empath and energy healer, I feel things on a deeper level and use these gifts to deliver my clients exactly what they need.

While I'm living a life that truly fills me up, it wasn't always this way.

I used to think I needed to have a phD, work a 9-5 job and "follow the crowd" to be happy. I was chasing a dream that was never truly mine, and the when I stopped chasing and started looking within, my soul's purpose for this lifetime started to surface.

Along with authenticity, compassion is one of my top values - I firmly believe that it's time you listened to your gut that's telling you to make that change and show the world all that you've been hiding!

I'm here to help you tune inward & tune up your life. 

Because I believe that there are no such things as coincidences, I believe that you are here on my page for a reason!  I'd absolutely love to discover what that reason is over a virtual coffee chat with you, which you can schedule here. 

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