Rediscover Connection

The world disconnects us from our truest self, and we forget what it looks like to feel truly connected and trust ourselves fully.


It's up to you to find your way back in.

You're finding yourself searching for more - in life, in relationships, in business, and in the day-to-day.

It feels like you're looking for guidance/answers in all the "right" places (books, podcasts, webinars, etc), but have only been able to scratch the surface of what's coming up.

All of the insight being shared on these platforms leaves you feeling curious, lost, and/or hopeful...but there's no one who has helped you reestablish what it means to tap inward for your own insight - or maybe you simply do not know how.

Being able to connect with your body, your higher self, and receive guidance is both exciting and daunting - mainly because you've only been taught to "shut your mind off" to when it comes to things like meditation or movement/working out.

You might be craving the feelings that happen after shifting this energy - a reignited purpose and clarity, a body that feels open and free of aches and pains, and light force energy flowing through you with the ability to have your own insight to start to heal yourself!

You crave trusting in your intuition, because overthinking has created frustration.

You want to stop pushing away deeper healing work, and learn what it means to bring the spiritual into the physical.

Clarity is a word you use often, and you're always seeking it.


You understand your body is a vessel through this world, and want to know what messages it has for you, and what it's been holding onto.


Things like energy healing, intuitive readings, and channeling all feel exciting to you - and might be things you're hoping to step into/hone in on, next!

If this is you, know that there is a way in. There is a way back to yourself, to your power, and more purpose yet to be uncovered.


You hold the answers deep within you, and it's time to peel back the layers of who you are, to find your truest self.

It's time to clear out all that's in the way of aligning with your truth, your body, and your gifts.


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About me 


Jolie is an energy healer, Master Reiki Practitioner, intuitive energy reader, and Certified Personal Trainer. With many titles to choose from, she doesn't believe in labels or boxes because she knows that her work is always evolving and deepening!

With her background as a bodyworker, Jolie's work combines her past in personal training and as a Reiki Master to create physical & energetic movement that allows others to intentionally move through whatever is showing up (i.e, themes like burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, current energies in the world, etc!). She does this work mainly virtually, but also hosts workshops, Reiki I and II certifications, as well as weekend retreats in-person.

By giving others the guidance needed in the moment to move through blocks and resistance, her work supports those who are looking to deepen their understanding of their own gifts and teach them self-healing techniques to uncover even more about their purpose.

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