Reiki 1 & 2 Certification

This isn't your average certification.











You've probably seen advertisements for weekend-long workshops where you walk away with a Reiki 1 & 2 certification. They seem pretty self-explanatory - show up, learn, get the piece of paper, and go home (I know, because this is how I was trained by my lovely teacher!). In total, these workshops are about 16-20 hours, and are a major deep dive into Reiki itself - the beautiful history, what it is, how to use it, and how to properly take yourself or someone else through a session.

But, if you're like me, you walk out of any/every workshop trying to remember everything and are flooded with thoughts of: How can I use this?  Will I be using it *correctly*?  How can I use this in my business? How can I use this to deepen my own spiritual connection? What am I supposed to do now?  Overwhelmed both emotionally and energetically from all that you just went through, you might find yourself feeling completely exhausted to the point where none of these questions get answered.


You see, we need space, time, community, and personalized guidance when we're going through such big shifts in life. Because Reiki is universal life force energy, those shifts naturally happen and things open up in unexpected ways when we go through the process of learning it (and getting attuned, or having it "instilled" within you).

Getting certified in Reiki is so much more than a piece of paper, it is truly life-changing. From the work I have done over the years with intuitive movement, energy readings, emotion-to-muscle connection, energy blocks, channeling and more - I came to the realization that a short-term workshop is actually a disservice to not only the art of Reiki, but to YOU as an energetic and spiritual being!

It's because of this and conversations I've had with so many women over the past year, that I've created a tight-knit space in which you RECEIVE the space, time, community, and guidance all while going through the massive shift of getting Reiki attuned (certified) in levels 1 and 2.



This space is for you if you've felt called to:

  •  Receive a Reiki certification, but it never felt like the right time or you wanted something more in-depth.

  • Learn how to utilize new/multiple healing modalities together to further your healing and the healing of others

  • Deepen your connection to self, spirit, clients, and/or business

  • Join a tight-knit community where there's 0% pressure and 100% support

  • Learn more about emotional-muscular connection

  • Receive 1:1 guidance in addition to small-group

  • Learn how to utilize Reiki in your business model with work you're already doing, or to start a whole new business!

  • Do something NEW and lean into the intuitive nudges, even if you're unsure why!

  • Are feeling like you need a restart or rebirth as we step into Spring

This program has:

  • A Reiki certification in levels 1 and 2

  • Private group space in which you can connect with the other women going through this beautiful experience with you!

  • Personalized guidance/1:1 time where we can walk through all that is surfacing and any major themes popping up

  • Other healing modalities like intuitive movement, emotional-muscular connection, and Chakra work, to deepen your own practices and connection

  • Time to integrate, ask questions, and practice your skills in Reiki circles and other practices.

  • All participants have the option to get discounted retreat tickets as dates get finalized.

This is a completely virtual program, which means even if you are not local to the New York area you are able to still find the community and certification you've been looking for, to take control of your own healing and step into your own innate abilities!

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