Ascension Sessions

What does it mean to ascend?

In simple terms: to go up, to climb, to rise above.

But ascension refers to the process of rising to a higher level. In that process I've learned that there are many twists and turns that can often times leave us feeling upside down with less than desirable thoughts and actions - feeling so overwhelmed that we end up sitting still in inaction, feeling stagnant energy building up.

The consciousness of the planet is rising DAILY, and those stuck in lower vibrational frequencies are struggling.

Over the years, I've had so many conversations with women about how they so badly want to step into something new and exciting - but something is holding them back. Whether it's fear of judgement from others, fear of success or failure, or simply feeling a sense of "where do I begin?", each and every one of these women had something in common. These women had an inner knowing of deep purpose and wanted to step forward in life, into their next chapter, into ascension!


So, how do you do it? How can you learn to not only start taking action but also embody your message and guide others?

In my Ascension Sessions, I intuitively guide you through processes that can help you move forward and step deeper into your purpose. I identify stagnant energies in your physical and spiritual bodies, and share precisely  what your body, mind, and soul need to start to moving forward into ascension, into returning to your true essence of love!

How it works:

  • You will pick a date and time via this link for us to meet virtually.

  • Once I receive your appointment and payment, I'll send over a link for us to meet on Zoom!

  • At the day/time of our call, we'll hop in the Zoom room for our video meeting. I kindly ask that there are no distractions and that you have a quiet place where you feel comfortable.

  • I will be intuitively and energetically lead to give you information that you need to hear, rituals that will help you, and anything else that comes through for you to start your ascension process!

  • After our meeting, I will send you a link so that you have access to listen back to the call - sometimes it's a lot of information and things get missed!

What people are saying about ascension sessions:

"Jolie really helped with the uncertainty I was feeling about what types of things I should be focusing on day-to-day to better serve myself and others. The techniques and rituals she intuitively lead me through have been making a BIG change in the areas where I was having problems. I appreciate the work you do and I can't wait for our next session!"

"Thank you so much for this session. Jolie wasn't able to only identify my blocks, but also gave me tools special to me to move through them. I feel so much lighter!"

Times are uncertain for everyone especially with being in quarantine right now, and we could all use a pick me up. I can't even call this a pick me up, it was a full LIFT of my soul! Jolie's ascension sessions are next level. Her guidance is unlike any other, so non-judgemental and very loving. The sound of her voice is even calming! Do yourself a favor and work with her - you won't regret it! Keep ascending!


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