Try this workout for me!

Ahhhhh, that 'end of summer' feeling. Lot's of sunshine, lot's of outdoor-time, and maybe a workout or two less than what you're used to.

I've had so many people telling me lately that they've, "gotten into an exercise rut", that they're not excited to workout, and that they feel like they need to drag themselves to the gym when they'd rather be outside. And listen, I get it. It's summer! We want to be outside, spend time with friends and family, eat, drink, and TBH...minimize the time that we're in the gym.

I GET IT. I'm enjoying the end of the summer too. However, I definitely wouldn't refer to this as a rut.

Being bored of a workout routine is one thing, but seriously - give yourself (and your workouts) permission to flow with the seasons, it's how humans were DESIGNED. ...If you're training the exact same way 12 months out of the year, I'm calling you out. I'm calling you out because we need to begin to see ourselves as everyday athletes. 💪

I think half of you might be open to this idea, and the other half probably thinking, K Jol, I've never played a sport in my life, and the one sport I did play, I sucked at. As for the latter - just bear with me! 😂

Now, think about a professional athlete. Athletes train differently depending on what time of the year it is, right? They have their pre-season, mid-season, post-season, and off-season. All four of these times of year each look VERY different, but are all equally important in maintaining a healthy body. In fact, during his mid-season training, Tom Brady trains 3 times A DAY. (Note, I am not telling you to exercise 3x/day. Plz don't...).

....You think he's training 3x/day in March, after he won the Superbowl?

Answer: NO.

He's recuperating, re-adjusting to post-season life, and his trainers are revamping his programs for him to stay in shape, but not necessarily aiming to increase his performance. He's STAYING IN SHAPE and training for maintenance.

Now, you don't have to want to be Tom Brady (although my fiancé would ask you why you wouldn't want to be Tom Brady,) but I'm still going to encourage you to train like an athlete - to think seasonally. No, this doesn't mean you need to whip out your calendar and plan your workouts in 3 month increments (although if you want to, super cool, and props to you). Just know and TRUST yourself. Easier said than done, I know.

For instance, maybe part of your current routine entails you running outside more because it's nicer out. Or, maybe you're doing more high-intense, short workouts because you want to maximize your time outside and decrease your time in the gym (enter: kickass workout at the bottom of this email!) But, by the time December rolls around, maybe you aren't feeling like running anymore. You've lost motivation for it (because it's cold, and also because treadmills suck).


It's ok to get bored, and it's ok to want to change up your routine {!firstname_fix}! I want to challenge

you to start seriously looking at your schedule and when you're training or exercising. Constantly be aware of how you're feeling physically and mentally, and workout around not only your schedule, but your mental state, time of the month in your menstrual cycle, and your stress levels - ALL of these things have been proven to affect performance.

After all, I know how much it sucks to literally drag yourself to the gym and complete a sub-par workout just because you feel like you "should workout". I know how it feels to be watching the time crawl while you're running on the treadmill, or trucking away on the elliptical. Believe me, I was a cardio queen for many years - I know how it feels to be sweating away at the gym - seeing 0% results and experiencing 100% stress.

I get it. I've been there.

Let's not go there ever again, k?

I can give you stats all day long about how you don't need to run to lose weight, and how weight training can increase your metabolism and blah blah blah. OR, I could tell you that I have put on significant muscle (or, "toned up") in the past few months by listening to my body, doing short, intense workouts (like below) 4x/week, and spending 30-40 minutes MAX in the gym, or in my apartment.

How 'bout we talk about the latter?

Could I do a fancy program? Yeah, but it's not my style. If my workout isn't appealing to me in the slightest, I almost certainly won't do it. I'll make excuses, or try and bribe myself with just ONE more episode of OITNB or reruns of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. ...More often than not, my bed is more comfortable and I won't workout.

I try to keep things interesting and fun, challenging my body with different movements weekly. And hey, if I can't perform the workouts as I had intended, that's OKAY. The body learns and adapts over time, which is why it's IMPORTANT to mix up our routines to continuously challenge ourselves!

Alrighty, here's your workout! It's timed intervals, which means you're working until you hear that buzz on your timer!


10 squats, 10 skaters (hop side to side), 10 shoulder shrugs. Repeat 2x

Put a timer on your phone to set intervals - I use the app GymBoss. It's free!

Complete the following workout (Strength Series + Tabata Series) 2 times through:

6-Exercise Strength Series: Set your timer to :45 work, :15 rest.

Push ups Squat Jumps Bicycle Crunches Dips (on the edge of a step, bench, or even a couch) Side Lunges (for a weighted option, hold a container of detergent or a dumbbell at your chest) Supermans (lie on your belly, face looking down entire time. Lift arms + legs at the same time so that you look like superman 😄 ) Rest for 1-2 minutes. Tabata series: (Read more about Tabata-style training HERE!) Set your timer to :20 work, :10 rest, for 8 rounds. So, essentially you're completing 4 sets of each of the following: Forearm plank Jumping Jacks

Let me know if you try it!