Sorry, I just don't have time for you.

Sooooo I was in the middle of writing this post:

"I need to be honest with you, this past month has been a whirlwind of change, transition, and stress for me. Between a change in jobs, a lack of sleep, my brother getting married, and my parents sticking out this hurricane in Florida, I've been all over the place mentally AND physically. I've been so tired at the end of the day, and just haven't had time to write to you".

....I stopped, read it over, and said OUT LOUD, " ok, this is just BS."

The truth?

I haven't prioritized writing. I haven't designated time to it.

While I'm experiencing a lot of stress in my life right now, I still have choices and priorities.

I choose to workout 4-6x a week. I choose to eat fresh foods (most of the time).

I choose to get 7-9 hours of a sleep a night.

I choose to read a daily meditation.

I choose to designate daily phone-free time. I choose to drink a glass or two of wine on a Friday afternoon when I'm decompressing from the week, accompanied by a show on Netflix and probably a lack of pants.

I choose to do designate time for these things because when I do, it makes me feel good, helps me de-stress, and keeps me feeling on top of my game (especially the wine and Netflix, because balance).

....BUT WAIT! 😕

I love writing, too.

...So then why did I just let it fall to the wayside for the past month? Why haven't I just emailed you some motivational message, or even another workout, regardless of my stress?

Because of just this: I don't want to BS you, write some half-ass motivational email, and make you see only the "good and perfect" aspects of life. I want you to see it all, and know that my life gets messy, too. I want you to realize that there is a way to designate time for YOU in times of stress.

NO ONE's life is super glamorous and wonderful all the time.

Most people don't want you to know that, and they depict their lives as these utopias of 100% happiness all the time. I want to be transparent with you and tell you - stress does not discriminate and WE ALL have stuff that we deal with, always. And it's not always easy, pretty, or ideal.

I've been running allllll over this city this past month, and while I've been love-hating it, it takes a toll on my creativity, my will to write, and my energy. The important stuff: I'm feeling healthy, and the rest of September is looking like it's going to be quite a busy month for me as I transition from one job into another. I'm enjoying being busy, but looking forward to a little more structure in my schedule.

I want to ask you to do something for me. The next time you give yourself (or someone else) an excuse for something, take a closer look at why you're giving this excuse. Are you prioritizing YOURSELF? Designating time for the things that make you feel your best?

...There's something empowering about owning up to your own BS and taking back the power/control in the way that you want to. 👊