Kick your cold/flu out the door.

Wednesday morning, I felt a cold coming on. Scratchy throat, extremely low-energy, lagging in all of my daily activities. Before I knew it, the sneezing fits occurred with enough force to knock over bigfoot himself!

I immediately went home into my ‘apothecary’ as my dad calls it, because I’ve got more herbs and supplements rather than medications! I took inventory of what I had, and made myself an AMAZING hot apple cider vinegar tonic/tea. Most of ya’ll are probably thinking, “GROSS” but tbh, I added cinnamon, manuka honey, lemon, and drank up. IMMEDIATE THROAT RELIEF! I won’t go into all the amazing health benefits of ACV, but seriously if this is not in your pantry – GO BUY SOME NOW!

As well as ACV tea, I've made myself dairy-free turmeric milk, and of course the ever-so-simple lemon water. As for supplements/herbs and tinctures? I've listed those below! Cayenne Pepper Not just for cooking - cayenne pepper can help you detox those nasty cold/flu germs OUT. It helps to clear out the nasal passages (hello, SPICY!) and can help you get over your symptoms quickly. Garlic ...Who doesn't love it? Aside from the halitosis, garlic is also an AMAZING antibacterial. Crushing garlic whether it's with a knife or with your teeth, helps to cause a chemical reaction that releases something called Allicin. Allicin is a POWERFUL antibacterial that garlic oozes prior to being cooked. So, to make sure you're reaping all the benefits chomp it down - and be sure to have some water nearby because it is SPICY! QBC Plex QBC stands for Quercetin, Bromelain, and Vitamin C. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found naturally in grains and leafy greens. Plants generate this lovely supplement to help aid themselves in preserving vitamins, fighting bacterial infections and even parasites. In recent years, it has been proven beneficial to humans in similar realms, as well as heart disease prevention, cataract prevention, and aiding in athletic ability. Bromelain - think PINEAPPLE! This stuff is commonly found in the tropical fruit, and from one gal's opinion I think it's a SUPER supplement. Bromelain has been written about in scientific literature by doctors who have used it to help fight autoimmune diseases, sinus infections, cancer, IBS, and even ACL tears. Crazy, right? Vitamin C - Ah, the star of the show. We've all been told that vitamin C helps to keep us healthy, but did you know it can also help against immune system deficiencies and even prevent wrinkles? In combination, these 3 supplements are a goldmine! Vitamin D3 Did you know that Since 2008, Vitamin D3 deficiencies have been on the rise? While this should DEFINITELY be taken daily, when you've got a cold/flu, up your dosae to about 15-20,000 IU. In fact, doctors have even linked low blood levels of Vitamin D with a higher risk of respiratory infections. Colloidal Silver Probably my most controversial supplement listed on here. Silver's antibacterial and antiviral properties have been acknowledged since the Dark Ages. Remember learning about the bubonic plague? Well, people in Europe who had contracted the plague and consumed silver didn't die. CRAZY, RIGHT? While I encourage you to do your own research and do what's best for you and YOUR body, be mindful of taking silver in moderation. Taking more than 3 teaspoons a day for over 20 days can cause toxicity (...this is why I say it's controversial). Dr. Axe does a great job explaining the benefits HERE! Health Resistance Liquid I was in my grocery store's health section looking for additions to my "apothecary" when this caught my eye. It's a combination of Echinacea (immune system healer) , Goldenseal, and Yin Chiao. It was on sale so I grabbed it, not knowing the miracles of Goldenseal nor Yin Chiao! Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic and a cancer fighter, and Yin Chiao is actually a combination of about 9 herbs. This combination creates a natural anti-inflammatory and antiviral that your body so desperately needs when fighting off a cold or the flu. You can purchase this here if you're interested. Best part - it's alcohol free, so there's no burning. Raising my glass of ACV tea to you in good health this cold and flu season!

xo, J