This time next year...

December 19, 2017


It's SO CRAZY how time is flying by! We've got less than two weeks left in 2017...How did that even happen?!

I for one am feeling some crazy big shifts in my life, and am setting intentions, goals, and plans for 2018. Seriously, my journal has been my best friend this past month, and I am SO excited to jump into a new year feeling more energized and excited than ever!


What is it you're trying to manifest in 2018? Maybe you're excited to get a new job, lose weight, get healthier, or finally let go of all people and things that do not bring you joy.

Think to yourself: If I am in exactly the same place next year, would I be happy?

If the answer is no, let's get to thinking of how to help you grow, evolve, and manifest those big ol' dreams of yours into a wonderful reality. 


What needs to change to help these goals come to fruition?

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