I'm so bad for eating **ENTER FOOD HERE**

"I'm so bad for eating that cupcake". "I can't believe I ate that extra slice of pizza this morning. I'm so terrible!" "That candy was staring me in the face. I am the worst person for eating it!"

...When did we learn to associate eating sugary foods as being "bad"? Where did that stem from? Why are we feeling so guilty for eating foods that we should be associating with joy and love?

For me, there was always a direct correlation between my self-worth and what foods I put in my mouth. I automatically felt like the WORST person in the world for simply consuming a few peanut butter cups, those extra few french fries, or what have you - I thought that they'd make me gain weight, and that simply COULD NOT happen.

The cycle that my mind ran through:

If I ate **enter unhealthy food here** I'd gain weight. If I gained weight, I would not be worthy of love, therefore I would not love myself.

In the midst of this cycle that lasted for so many years, I finally asked myself:


Why was I thinking this way? In what twisted world did eating foods that I so dearly loved equate to my self-worth? What would happen if I simply allowed myself to eat these foods, enjoy them, and not drag myself down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and hatred?

THAT was what took work. And lots of it.

I'm talking mental work here, guys. Journaling, discovering what my deepest and truest desires are in this world, and coming to the realization that our bodies are our vessels in which we roam this Earth - but they are not the end-all-be-all for happiness.

Of course, learning to treat my body with respect in terms of exercising and eating healthy helped to guide me into a world in which I learned what foods could fuel me best for exercising/moving. I learned how much I loved to feel strong! I was able to see my body as a means of carrying me through this life and I wanted to make sure that I was treating it in the best way that I could ('cause you know, it's the only one I've got).

And let me be honest with you here, this is an ongoing thing.

This takes work almost daily.

Loving yourself does not just "happen". It takes work! I don't mean work as in reading positive affirmation quotes and journaling about my feelings - while I do those things and occasionally suggest these things to my clients, I discovered the importance of keeping myself grounded and focusing more on what I want out of this life.

Keeping my"eyes on the prize" so to speak.

I LOVE working with people and helping them realize their full potential, and helping them to love their bodies and lives a little more along the way. If I am doing this on a daily basis, I feel full. I feel happy, grounded, and am living out my soul's purpose. There is nothing that can bring me down - not even a few extra peanut butter cups.

So, what is it that you want out of this life? Are you working toward achieving your goals, staying grounded, and focusing on happiness? Are you EXCITED about it, or does it bring you fear, anxiety, doubt, and alllllllll the negative emotions?

What fills you up to the brim with happiness, and how can we get you there?


I'm opening up more spots for my 1:1 coaching for 2018! I want to help you end your fight with food & exercise, and discover lifelong happiness - mind, body, & soul.

If anything I've said here resonated with you, let's continue this conversation! Schedule a (free) call with me below and we can dive in a little deeper.