This is Me.

I stood there, eyebrows raised, in awe. "Yeah, all I ate for the 3 months leading up to my wedding was grilled chicken, spinach, and wine," my client said with a grin. ...And for a split second, I almost felt uncomfortable in my skin...*almost*. Here I am, almost 90 days prior to my wedding, belly full of banana bread & espresso (...homemade, btw😍) and feeling so, so strong ♥️ How am I "preparing" for my wedding? I'm exercising, but I'm also not exercising when I don't feel like it. ✔️I'm moving when I feel like it, however I feel like. ✔️In eating whatever I feel like, without guilt or shame. ✔️I'm eating more on the days I move more, and eating less on the days that I'm moving less. 🔥 ...And that's my whole "scientific" process behind happiness in both mind & body - LISTENING to your body. Not numbers, percentages, scales, or tracking meals. I could very well say, "I don't believe in training and sabotaging your body for events" but if that's you, do it right. Do it in a healthy way, where you're feeding yourself real foods, and are educating yourself on exactly WHAT the hell you're doing. (I.e, if you're exercising 7 days a week, you need more than chicken & wine). ➡️ My question is, WHY do we *literally* beat ourselves up in the gym and shame our bodies all leading up to ONE DAY? and for what, so we can look back at pictures and say, "omg look how skinny I was"? 🤔 ➡️ What if we re-trained our brain to look further into ourselves, to look for happiness instead of aesthetic "issues" with ourselves? It is 100% possible. You just have to WANT to do it, and give up on the pettiness of priding yourself on eating less and exercising more. ✨ My point: You're beautiful every. freaking. day. Just the way you are. At any size. At every size. ✨ And you are *so* much more than just your body. 👌