OMG I'm Gaining Weight and Losing Progress...Or am I?

Let me let you in on a little secret: I haven't picked up a dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, or done an "organized workout" in about 3 weeks.

Not too long ago if this happened, I'd be FREAKING out. Afraid to gain weight, lose progress, and not even at all care about the huge shifts occurring internally! (growth totally happens when we take a step back - I am a firm believer in this).✨ In the past week alone, I've had maaaaajor life changes happen that have pushed me forward - but also threw me out of my *normal* routine. . 👉I haven't done a planned *workout* in over ten days. 👉I've been living off of bagged salad, baked potato chips, PB cups, and black coffee. 👉I've let my business take a backseat, much to my ego's pushes of "JUST KEEP GRINDING THROUGH".

And let me tell you, I'm feeling goooood. 😍 Buuuuut that's not to say all of this came easy. My ego kept saying, "Jolie, what are you doing? You NEED to lift. You need to eat better. You need to stay in line with your routines!" ♥️And I'm here to tell you as living proof that IT'S OKAY. It's okay to eat a little more. It's okay to enjoy your life without the stress and pressure of lifting heavy shit *both physically and metaphorically*. WHY is this okay? Let's look at the forest from above the trees for a sec... 🌳 I feel pretty grounded & strong about 47 weeks out of the year. Those other 5 weeks? Travel, birthdays, holidays, life changes...the ebs and flows of life that force us out of the norm. We have to adapt. We adopt new routines, new normals, and even if it's only for a week or so, we still need to shift. Freaking out over a few weeks in a 365 day year is just madness! You all know I don't sugarcoat, I tell it like it is. 💁 And this past month has been HARD for me to balance my hustle and flow - something that I so passionately coach women on doing. I feel so strongly in this, that I'll be chatting about how to embrace change and find ease & flow on my new Facebook Live series: Mind, Body, Jol✨😍 Feeling out change isn't always pretty or easy. **There were even times where MY coach would tell me to chill, and remind me that it's not the end of the world.** Stepping back from the norm isn't a bad thing, y'all. ✌️ (especially when it entails drinking tequila on your new roofdeck)