"What's the point in having a coach?"

"What's the point in having a coach? Like what do they even help with? Isn't that what a therapist is for...?" - me 3 years ago. "Damn, I can't imagine not having a coach" -me, today. To be honest with you, I used to think coaches were just some type of therapist, only meant to give you advice and let you cry on their shoulder. They'd listen to you complain, and try to keep things positive, always. Over the past year, I've not only coached women to health, balance, and listening to their soul's desires & passions, but I've BEEN coached on those exact things myself. 🔥 And let me tell you, coaches don't give advice. They give you tough love, push you to your limits, and delve deeper into EVERYTHING - not just health. It's not always pretty, and some of the shit you have to overcome to level up is downright difficult. I think the saying goes, "you can't see the rainbow without the rain"? ...it's TOTALLY true 😂🌈 I'm sharing this because I've gotten a lot of questions lately on the type of coaching I do, and why I do it: ♥️ I followed my heart and passion when it was just a whisper in my soul. I felt the tap to open myself up to more than *just* training on a physical level, and decided to take that leap of faith and delve deeper with people. On everything (because fixing or modifying our health merely scratches the surface). I'm the mentor that I wish I had years ago. Guiding women to finding their perfect balance of energy, health, and taking intuitive action toward their goals. I guide women to getting into that space where they feel SO confident in their bodies and minds, and learn more about themselves than they ever thought existed. 🔥 Let me guide you, help you, and give you that life that you so desire and DESERVE.😍 If this is resonating with you, schedule your free discovery call with me HERE, and we'll chat about all the ways I can help get you to where you want to be!