Why do I suck at journaling?

When given a journaling prompt, my clients typically ask me how I "got into" journaling. How I'm able to let it FLOW. They say it feels difficult and fear they're doing it "the wrong way". Flustered, they give up...

To be honest with you, the first time I journaled to try and *be creative*, nothing came through. For the first few times, actually!

It was like, k, I'm sitting here with my pretty pen and journal and NOTHING is flowing! 😭

I gave up, and decided to try when my mind felt a little more free.

One day, I was training a woman. In the middle of her 3rd set of goblet squats, she asked why I didn't proceed with school and go for my PhD, as I was "SO good with people. You would have been a great therapist".

...And there it was. BAM. 😳 Like a slap across the face, I felt like I wanted to tell her alllllllll the reasons why I *did not* and DO NOT need a degree to change lives.

My words flowed like CRAZY, let me tell ya. 🔥🔥🔥

After that, it was like I had antenna for things that made me feel excited to share, things that challenged my views, things that I knew I needed to stand for.

Goddess, if you're feeling like you're stuck and can't make a move, talk it out. Have conversations with people, deep and meaningful conversations (or even some people-watching!). Let your opinions OUT and hold nothing in. 👌✨

Allowing others to fuel your fire isn't a bad thing - it helps you realize *exactly* what it is that you stand for. How to use your voice.