Masculine & Feminine energies...WTF?

What's all this hoo-ha about masculine & feminine energy, and is it completely bullshit? 🤔 To answer in short: We all have both types of energy within us. And no, it's not bullshit *but I could be a littttttle biased*. 🔥Masculine energy : the DO. The hustle & grind. The drive, focus, and assertiveness. 🔥Feminine energy : the BE. The ease & flow. Connection. Empathy. The creativity and love. Gender aside - we are all born with one form that feels more natural to us. Sooo what does all this mean? If we are more feminine associated by nature and change to compete in a masculine environment (most workplaces or businesses, even entrepreneurs!) then we lose some of our innate feminine power. ✨We forget how to be in our feminine, because we've been hustling and grinding all too long. ✨We forget how to be in that space of love, creativity, and empathy. ✨We forget how to soften once we’ve left the work desk, and want to return to our relationships and loved ones...but feel SO disconnected. This causes us to feel unbalanced, stressed and stuck - not only mentally, but physically. We become rigid and lose our flow. We lose that feeling of ease. ...Sounds yucky, right? 🔥The #1 thing I hear my clients say: Jolie, I just want this to feel easy. I want to STOP overthinking! I *love* mentoring women to reconnect to their feminine & take intuitive action. This doesn't stop at *just* health, but goes for ALL areas of life. ➡️ Remember this: energy flows where intention goes. Do you want to stay stuck in a place where you're not happy and feeling at ease? Are you ready to make YOU a priority? ➡️ If you’re feeling like your soooo ready to get back into that flow - physically AND mentally, then we’re meant to chat. It’s time to get you back in balance!