I was so scared.

🗽The day we moved to NYC I was full of fear. Fear that I wouldn't be "good enough", be able to hold my own, and would lose sight of my dreams and passions and just be another face in the crowd. The fear lingered for months as I froze in inaction, working at places that made me feel icky inside, and going with the motions. ...But accompanied with that fear, was fire. 🔥 SO MUCH FIRE. Fire in my belly, in my soul, knowing that my voice was needed here. That I was needed here. That I hold so much purpose and power within me to make things happen, and that my gifts are special. 💓 Of course, I had *no* idea how, when, or what, but I knew that that fire was there, and just *waiting* for me to give it some more fuel. Fast forward 18 months: I'm training clients who light me up. 🙌 Virtually coaching absolutely *outstanding* clients who are doing big things in this world. AND NOW holding physical space for the women who need to feel that same fire that I felt, who need love, support, and excitement. 💫 ✨This Saturday isn't just another workshop, class, or "work day" for me. It's a culmination of the fear and fire that has been inside of me, waiting to create magic with the gifts that I possess. I'm *so* excited to meet the beautiful women coming, I can already feel the massive shifts and magic happening!! 😍 I truly am SODANGGRATEFUL every single day to live in this crazy city, a city I never (srsly, never ever) imagined myself living in. New York, you're pretty okay, and I am nowhere near done with you yet ♥️🏙️