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I email myself.

On Friday evenings, I send myself an email. Yes - you read that correctly.😂 I sit down at my desk with some dark chocolate, wine, tea (or all 3?) and look back on the week. How did I show up? What were the highlights? What could I have done better? What can I celebrate as a win? I'm sitting here, beginning to read through some of these emails and reflecting on this past year in awe. 😍🙏 The growth. The changes. The massive leaps. The roadblocks that were torn down, and in their place now stands persistence, excitement, and a balance of hustle and flow. 🙌 💙Reflections always used to feel weird - "what, I'm supposed to congratulate myself on all the shit I've done? Why? It's just taking away time spent on setting *new* goals". Ohhhhh, but little did I learn it's not. It actually sets the foundation for all of those *new* goals to form. 💭The reflection phase is all part of my intention and goal-setting for the new year. I mean think about it, how can you possibly set goals for what you want to achieve if you cannot appreciate where you've been and what you've done? Seen your growth and your struggles? Maybe you think emailing yourself is weird. That's OKAY - it's not really the point I'm trying to make here, and I do realize it isn't the norm 😂 You can write it out in a journal, a word doc, or whatever form excites you 💗 The point is to sit with yourself, beautiful soul. Reflect. Breathe deeply. Don't let the days, weeks, months, and years just rush by you without a second to reflect and enjoy all of the fruits of your labor, whatever you may do on the day-to-day.