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I'm looking for someone...

I am looking for someone very specific, and I am *so* excited to meet her! Do you know her? 📖She's got a massive stack of half-read self-development books on her nightstand with folded pages, but can't seem to *finish* one, yet continues to buy more looking for the answers. 💛She's feeling like the Universe has been pushing her for quite some time now - pushing her out of something very heavy that's no longer serving her or making her act like her highest self. That heaviness has her *dying* to explore other options and to tune in deeply to her soul and her purpose, but doesn't know *how*... ...All she knows is that it's time to go all in.❤️ She knows that there is so much PURPOSE in her heart and soul. She needs to *feel* that she's making an impact and changing lives on the reg. She's been trying to build something, a business, maybe? She's showing up in so many ways - but it doesn't seem to be *working*. She's left with thoughts of, "I'm doing the work, so where are the people?!" She writes notes to herself in her phone, and has journals full of ideas. She knows that there's gotta be a better way than spinning her wheels 24/7! 💜She has a deep knowing that she's gifted spiritually, and is obsessed with all things metaphysical. She knows what she needs to stay grounded, but she doesn't always do it. She wants to uncover these gifts - she's intimidated because she thinks that spirituality has to look a certain way, but craves a world in which she can use what she wants and leave the rest. She is so freakin' tired because she's not filling up her cup with what lights her up. She knows what makes her feel better, and stays on top of a ritual sometimes, but stops once it starts working! 💫She's been looking for a coach and mentor, but is left feeling overwhelmed because she wants to feel connected with this person - like they're long-lost soul sisters! She's been craving people who *get it* and who understand all that comes along with this journey. If you know her, message me. I am sending out *so* much love and light to the woman who this spot is meant for and can't wait to see who the universe puts on my path 😍